Sketch FENIX

Key features:

  • FENIX significantly increases the C/N0 of the received signals in the presence of jamming, allowing in most cases to achieve a PVT solution, which otherwise would be impossible.
  • FENIX is connected between the GNSS receiver and the antenna, and it is independent and transparent to them.
  • As compared to other anti-interference devices already in the market, which are either integrated into a particular receiver or use techniques that modify the antenna pattern to insert nulls in the direction of the sources of RFI, FENIX can operate with any receiver and any antenna, even a simple patch antenna as used in most GNSS receivers.
  • FENIX is transparent to the selected GNSS, provided is based on Direct Spread Spectrum Signals (DSSS), such as GPS, new GLONASS, GALILEO, Beidou, etc.

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